2017-2018 Ijams Homeschool Academy Registration

The Ijams Homeschool Academy is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the natural world through fun and hands-on experiences! This year we are offering 2 homeschool programs to better serve our participating families.

Nature Ed-Ventures will be similar to the program we offered during the 2016-2017 school year. There are 8 sessions, designed for ages 3 and up. This year, we will be dividing participants into 3 groups: Seedlings (ages 3-5), Saplings (ages 6-8), and Sycamores (ages 9-12). All 3 programs will be held at the same time to accommodate families with children in multiple groups.

2017-2018 NATURE ED-VENTURES Schedule and Fees

Here are the Ijams Homeschool Academy Nature Ed-Venture guidelines:

  • All NATURE ED-VENTURES classes are held on Fridays. There are 2 time slots each day, participants must select either the AM or PM time slot. Families will stay in this time slot for the entire year.
  • Children will register for the group that is appropriate for their age AS OF AUGUST 15.
  • Children will stay in the same group for the entire year.
  • Children must register for their correct age group.
  • NO SIBLINGS are permitted to attend Saplings or Sycamores- all participants must be registered.
  • Children 2 and under may attend Seedlings programs if they have a sibling registered for that class.
  • Parents may drop off children in the Saplings and Sycamore groups.
  • Parents MUST remain with children registered for the Seedlings group.
  • Seedling programs will be 45 minutes in length. This will allow for 30-40 minutes of play time in Jo’s Grove after the program. Parents and Seedlings CANNOT join other groups after their program is over.

Registration in our programs indicates your intent to comply with these policies and procedures.

Ijams Homeschool Grad School courses are specialized sessions, designed for children 10 and up. Each session consists of 3 workshops featuring in-depth nature explorations. Gardening Grad School will take students through soils and soil testing, growing fruits and vegetables, and landscaping with native plants. Creative Nature features nature studies through the arts such as plein air art, creative writing, nature journaling, and outdoor photography. The Native Appalachia session will take participants back in time to learn how Native Americans and early settlers lived off the land, including foraging for food, using plants and herbs for medicinal use, and even building shelters.

  • Grad School is designed for ages 10 and up.
  • You may register for one, two, or all of the Grad School Sessions.
  • All GRAD SCHOOL classes are held on Thursdays.
  • You may register for Grad School EVEN IF YOUR ARE NOT registered for Nature Ed-Ventures.
  • Students that ARE REGISTERED for Nature Ed-Ventures will receive a 10% discount on Grad School program fees.

Homeschool GRAD SCHOOL 2017-2018 Schedule and Fees

How to Register for Homeschool Classes:

Due to the high demand for our Homeschool Programs, we have started an online request system. This will allow us to respond to registrations in the order in which they are received. Please fill out the form below COMPLETELY and then submit. Once your request is received by Ijams Nature Center staff, one of them will contact you to finalize registration and payment details. ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE.

2017-2018 Homeschool Registration

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