Freshwater Jellyfish


Freshwwater Jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii) are occasionally seen in Mead’s Quarry Lake, and look like small marine jellyfish. They actually belong to a different taxonomic class, Hydrozoa, which includes the common hydra. These mostly translucent organisms are about the size of a quarter and feed on tiny zooplankton. The large, non-translucent gonads hanging on their underside make them easy to spot on sunny days during the late summer. They have stinging cells like marine jellyfish, but have not been shown to affect the external skin of humans. There has been at least one occasion when they have temporarily paralyzed human vocal cords when intentionally ingested. For more information, click here: Freshwater jellyfish.

Below is a video of 5 captured specimens… just before a feast of mosquito larvae!
(Hint: if the video doesn’t appear, refresh your browser)