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Ijams Hike-a-Thon is a month-long fundraiser for Ijams Nature Center – hikers collect pledges then hit the trails in March to hike.


Because you love hiking! To make your miles count! To protect the trails you love! For the exercise! To get your family out on the trail – or just to motivate you!  Funds raised will help preserve and protect the environmental and historical resources of Ijams Nature Center and the Urban Wilderness and provide educational opportunities to our local schools and citizens.


Everyone! Young and old, newbie or experienced hiker – anyone who loves hiking and hiking trails or the greenway can participate. Hike as an individual or a team of 2 to 10 people.


Ijams Hike-a-Thon runs the entire month of March, 2015. Registration for the 2015 Ijams Hike-a-Thon will begin February 2, 2015.


Start by registering for the event on February 2, 2015. The Registration Form can be found HERE. Once Registration is complete, please print out your Mileage Log Brochure. Next, gather pledges from friends and family – they can sponsor you on your own personalized website! Please note that all pledges and donations must be entered online. On March 1st, start hiking!

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