Ijams Hiking Club 2019

Ijams is excited to announce the return of the Hiking Club with some big new additions!

For newcomers, Ijams Hiking club meets the first Saturday of each month and provides a way for hikers with moderate experience to safely enjoy the 1,000 forested acres of the Urban Wilderness with Ijams Naturalists. Hike a different trail each month while enjoying the amazing nature surrounding you in whatever way you wish. Head to the front to make good time with the hiking guide, enjoy a slower pace with an Ijams Naturalist to learn about plants and animals, do a little of both, or find your own way to enjoy the trails. At the end of the year reflect on the trails and enjoy your accomplishments with a club pot-luck.

In addition to all of this, club membership now includes a hiking club T-shirt and an official Urban Wilderness patch!

To allow for these new changes, Hiking Club membership now costs $75 for new members. Returning members are grandfathered in for one year at $45. This covers the entire year, and you do not need to attend every hike to be a part of the club. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!


Members should be aware that hikes are moderate to difficult with some covering over 5 miles. Members should be in good physical health and able to walk for extended periods of time. All members must sign an Ijams release form and member agreement before going on their first hike. Ages 18 and up only, and NO dogs allowed. Any member that engages in any aggressive, harassing, or otherwise disruptive behavior will be removed from the club with no refund upon a first offense.

REFUND POLICY: Club members can receive refunds 7 days before the club’s first meeting.