Ijams Sanctuary Series

“It is about being alive in all your senses
 and trusting that the forest 
and other landscapes upon which you wander hold something good for you.” – Shinrin-Yoku. Org

These Ijams classes, held in the Homesite Sanctuary, are designed to find inner peace and reconnect you to the moment. Programs are held outdoors to maximize the restorative properties of nature.

Shinrin-Yoku Mindfulness Walks
Using only your senses, these slow, no talking walks of Shinrin-yoku, Japanese for “forest bathing” help participants reconnect to the moment. Walks are led by senior naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales

Beauty Around Us Walks
Participants will take part in a series of photo or sketching challenges that encourage them to notice the beauty around them. Designed to help participants slow down and live intentionally. Led by education director Jennifer Roder

Nature Journaling Workshops
Using only a pen or pencil and a notebook, what inspires you? Capture the moment through simple thought provoking exercises. Workshops are held outside in picturesque locations. Led by Jennifer Roder or Stephen Lyn Bales. Schedule to be determined.

Yoga in Nature 
Join us for an evening yoga flow class for everyone—beginners and yoga converts alike. Instructor Leslie Wagner provides a safe, fun class that will have you breathing well and feeling connected and peaceful. This class will be held outdoors at the Homesite or pavilion. The cost is $12 per class and will be blocked into series of 6 classes or pay as you go for $15 per class as your schedule permits. (Available seasonally)

“It became clearer to me, as life progressed, that finding natural places within the city was not just a matter of recreation but of emotional and spiritual survival.” – From Sacred Paths and Muddy Places, by Stephen Altschuler