Adult Programs

Ijams is not just for kids! If your only memory of Ijams Nature Center is visiting during a field trip 20 years ago, you are missing out! Ijams now offers a variety of fun and engaging programs specifically designed for adults. These programs will not only get you outside enjoying nature, they provide a relaxed atmosphere to spend time with friends even make new ones! So come create a container garden while you enjoy sangria on our back terrace. Perhaps you would like to learn how to use organic herbs in your favorite cocktails. Or maybe a happy hour owl prowl is more your speed. If you are looking for a fun new way to appreciate the outdoors, Ijams has a program for you!

Tennessee Naturalist Program

The Tennessee Naturalist Program (TNP) is an education training course designed to introduce the natural history of Tennessee to interested adults. Graduates join a critical corps of Tennessee Naturalist volunteers providing education, outreach, and service dedicated to the appreciation, understanding, and beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. To learn more about the TNP at Ijams, visit here.

Ijams Birding Series

We hear that birds of a feather flock together. Well if that’s true, you’ll find lots of like-minded bird brains in this year-long birding adventure. Each month, we’ll take a closer look at the avian world of our feathered friends. From migration and nesting behavior to family birding and smartphone apps, the world of birding has never been so exciting! For more information, please check our our calendar of events.

Ijams Sanctuary Series

“It is about being alive in all your senses
 and trusting that the forest 
and other landscapes upon which you wander hold something good for you.” – Shinrin-Yoku. Org

These Ijams classes, held in the Homesite Sanctuary, are designed to find inner peace and reconnect you to the moment. Programs are held outdoors to maximize the restorative properties of nature. Programs include Shinrin-Yoku Mindfulness Walks which are slow, silent walking meditations through the forest that help participants connect to the moment. Other hikes include photography or short creative writing challenges that encourage participants to truly observe the beauty around them. The Sanctuary Series also includes yoga classes such as yoga hikes, power yoga, and strength and balance workshops where the benefits of yoga practice are amplified by the healing properties of nature.

“It became clearer to me, as life progressed, that finding natural places within the city was not just a matter of recreation but of emotional and spiritual survival.” – From Sacred Paths and Muddy Places, by Stephen Altschuler

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