Swimming and Boating Notice

Mead’s Quarry Lake

Swimming and Boating Notice

  • Swimming in designated area only-swim at your own risk
  • No Jumping off Rocks into the Water
  • No Private Boats
  • No Alcohol (except from Ijams Beer Garden or approved vendor)
  • Please keep Boat Ramp and Programming areas clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ijams Nature center strives to provide a quality park experience for people of all ages and abilities. Certain activities are restricted. This site is evolving; here the guidelines for the current season.

Why can’t I jump off rocks into the water?
Jumping off the rocks into the water is dangerous and puts all visitors in or around the water at risk. It prevents other visitors from participating in scheduled educational and recreational programming.

Why are private boats not allowed?
Ijams’ current liability insurance does not authorize private boat use but does allow for boat rentals from our approved vendor, River Sports Outfitters. The modest rental fee covers a high quality boat or paddle board, paddles, and personal flotation device for each participant.

Why can’t I drink my own beer here?
Beer is not allowed unless from an approved vendor.

Can I be fined by the police if I don’t follow the rules?

We want to hear from you! Ijams is committed to listening to its users. Please share your comments with us at comments@ijams.org