Take Action! Big and Small Ways to Save the Planet Feb. 14-March 15, 2020

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It’s coming…get ready to Take Action!

Now in its second year, Take Action! Big and Small Ways to Save the Planet is a four-week conservation series that focuses on the many different ways you can have a positive impact on the planet. Classes, workshops and other activities will show you how to conserve natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. Cleanup events and volunteer workdays will help you care for the place we all call home.

This year’s lineup is going to be fun! Here is the line up for events:

February 15        Volunteer Workday:  Invasive Plant Removal  (Noon-3pm)

Join us for this ‘Pull’ Party, where we will roll up our sleeves and remove invasive plants which wreak havoc on our native landscapes. Removing invasives helps make room for native plants to thrive and results in more biodiversity. Learn More.

February 16       Conservation Conversations: Docuseries and Discussion  (2pm-5pm)

Ijams Nature Center brings you our new documentary with a discussion series that will cover conservation topics that are effecting the world around us. Learn More

February 21       Parents’ Night Out   (6:30pm-8pm)

A fun night out for the whole family! Drop your kids off with our naturalists for a night of fun nature activities and animal presentations while the adults get together for social time and a night hike on the trails. Learn More

February 22       Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Event    (10am-1pm)

So many household items (cleaners, oils, paint, etc) need to be disposed of properly so that they don’t harm the land and water around it— this is your chance to clean house and get ride of those dangerous chemicals the right way! Learn More.

February 25      Sustainable Adulting: Sew it- Don’t Throw it!     (6pm-8pm)

Adulting can be hard— but let us help you with fun ways to adult in ways that are a little more eco-friendly. Our first workshop will teach you all the ways to fix your wardrobe instead of just throwing your worn clothes away. Fix buttons, rips, wears, etc and make your favorite shirt last that much longer. Learn More

February 29       5th Annual Weed Wrangle Knoxville      (9am-Noon)

Weeds will meet their match during this citywide volunteer effort to remove nonnative, invasive plants that wreak havoc on native habitats. You’ll have the chance to wrangle weeds and make an impact at one of the participating locations, which include Ijams Nature Center, Lakeshore Park, Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, Fort Dickerson, and East Knox County Elementary! Learn More

February 29     Family Hootenanny       (6pm-9pm)

Bring the family to Ijams Nature Center for a great time celebrating all things owl! Adults and kids alike will gain a deeper appreciation for these animals while having a “hoot” of their own. Learn More

March 7             Outdoor Gear Swap and Bike Collection Event     (9am-Noon)

Do you have extra outdoor gear lying around the house that you don’t use anymore? How about a bike you have outgrown? Why not give it a second life by selling or swapping it with someone else! Join us for our outdoor gear swap and bike collection event for Kickstand Bike Collective and give your gear a second life filled with adventure! Learn More

March 7           Citizen Science Kick-off           (1pm-5pm)

Citizen Science lets you Take Action! in real life by helping out in scientific research at Ijams. Designed for ages 14+, this Citizen Science Kickoff event will introduce you to the myriad of current projects going on and will get you out in the field to get hands on in nature.          Learn More

March 8         Slow Foods Potluck: On the Local Level               (5pm-8pm)

Hosted by Ijams and Slow Foods East Tennessee, this potluck event celebrates clean, organic eating and features a discussion led by the Sierra Club on environmental concerns in our area. Bring a dish to share and learn about what is happening in our own backyard. Learn More

March 10       Sustainable Adulting: Everything You Thought you Knew About  Recycling     (6pm- 7:30pm)

Adulting can be hard— but let us help you with fun ways to adult in ways that are a little more eco-friendly. For our second workshop of the series, we are partnering with the City of Knoxville to let you know all the good things you are doing with your household recycling, and some stuff you might want to fix. Learn More

March 14        Volunteer Workday: Grayson Subaru Preserve    (Noon-3pm)

Join us for this workday with our Natural Resource Team, where volunteers will tackle various projects at the Grayson Subaru Preserve that may include trash pick ups, invasive species pulls, plantings, etc. Learn More

March 15       Ijams Seed Swap     (1pm-4pm)

Using the seeds from the plants we grow in our own gardens allows us to repeat our successes, maintain genetic diversity and be more self-reliant. Ijams’ Seed Swap is a free event to promote the sharing of vegetable, flower and other seeds among area gardeners. Everyone is welcome, with or without seeds! Learn More 

March 15     Family Pollinator Garden Workshop     (1:30pm- 2:30pm)

Looking for ways to help the bees, butterflies, and other pollinators this year? Why not start your own pollinator garden with your family. Join us for all the ways that you can get your garden started and even leave with some seeds of your own. Learn More


How You Can Help

    1. Sponsor Take Action! to show the community that your business believes in environmentally friendly practices. Contact Cindy Hassil at 865-577-4717 x 117 or chassil@ijams.org to learn more.
    2. Attend as many events and programs as possible and share how you are taking action at your business or in person on social media.
    3. Encourage employees, friends and family to take action by getting together a group to volunteer or attend programs.
    4. Spread the word! Share how you’re making a difference using the hashtag #IjamsTakeAction2020