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Exclusive Items

Take home a signed copy by the author (Ijams’ Executive Director) of this visual history of the Ijams Family and the development of the nature center, including background on Mead’s and Ross Marble Quarries.

Rather than just an assemblage of vintage photographs, this book tells a linear story of how H.P.s and Alice Ijams lived a sustainable life through the roaring ’20s and created a beloved Bird Sanctuary which their daughters subsequently helped turn into a nature park for the Knoxville community to enjoy.

The book also covers H.P.’s connections and contributions to the birth of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the 1920s, including  examples of his distinctive maps and illustrations.  Price: $21.99


A Place by the River: The Ijams Family Legacy DVD. An Emmy-nominated documentary produced by Steve Dean and hosted by Bill Landry of WBIR TV’s Heartland Series to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ijams  Family legacy in 2010. The film captures the early days of H.P. and Alice through dramatizations and interviews with family members and ornithologists that spent time here during the hey day of the Bird Sanctuary. Also included is a look at natural moments along the trails, birds and the evocative landscapes of Mead’s and Ross Marble Quarries. 50 minutes. Price: $20.00


H.P. Ijams Smoky Mountains Note Cards

These wonderful reprints of H.P.’s poster stamps (circa 1936) promoting the Great Smoky Mountains  National Park were produced by permission from the Great Smoky Mountain Conservation Association. 8 different cards per set. 2 sets available. Price: $12.00 per set. 

H.P. Ijams Christmas Postcard Set

This essential collection of  H.P.’s family tradition that lasted more than 30 years features illustrated birds, maps, family silhouettes, regional collages and other unique designs such as the famous skinny Santa Claus card during the Great Depression.  16 cards per set. Price: $12.00 per set. 




Lost Species Guide – $5.00
An Ijams exhibition and guide to extinct and endangered species. Includes a reprint of HP Ijams’ touching 1929 monograph on the extinction of the passenger pigeon. Price: $5.00

Ghost Birds- Jim Tanner and the Quest for the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, 1935-1942. By Stephen Lyn Bales.

Ijams’ very own talented naturalist and author Stephen Lyn Bales’ second book is out now!

“A must read for anyone who loves birds and champions conservation, Ghost Birds is a poingant journey back in time — a story about a changing field, a story about a man and a bird, a saga about survival that the world won’t soon forget”. Vickie Henderson