New York City has Central Park. Knoxville has Ijams Nature Center.

From the keyhole to the Tennessee River boardwalk, Ijams is an extraordinary wild place enjoyed by thousands of people from around the world each year, whether they come to learn more about nature through environmental education programs or to bike, climb, kayak or swim on Ijams’ 315 acres of protected land.

Preserving this natural area requires funding, and this nonprofit nature center relies on donations from people like you to maintain the trails, create new outdoor adventure areas and ensure Ijams can offer incredible education programs that inspire visitors to become better stewards of the natural world. In fact, half of Ijams’ annual operating budget comes from members, donors, corporations, foundations and special events.

Ijams’ turkey vulture, Zoe, appreciates your donations, which help feed her and other wildlife ambassadors.

There are a variety of ways you can support Ijams Nature Center and make a difference:

Thank you for your help!