Permit Programs

Ijams Nature Center has experienced a growing demand for the use of the nature center property and facilities by a variety of commercial and non-profit entities, including health/fitness providers, dog trainers, yoga instructors, and other outdoor professional service providers. In order to effectively manage the commercial and non-profit use of our property, Ijams Nature Center has established a Permit Programs policy and procedure. This policy applies to events, sessions, etc. that involve any exchange of money.

Goal of the Permit Programs Initiative

  • To increase outdoor opportunities at Ijams Nature Center.
  • To increase awareness of Permit Programs among Ijams Nature Center visitors.
  • To promote successful partnerships between Ijams Nature Center and local program providers.
  • To increase ways in which users can interact with nature at Ijams Nature Center.
  • To implement a process that ensures the safety of patrons through educating providers on Ijams Nature Center rules and guidelines.

For More Information

Are you interested in hosting a program at Ijams Nature Center? Please contact Nathan McGhee at for more information or read and complete the following documents:

Registered Program Providers:

My Curious Canine – dog obedience classes and much more!
Nina Mountain Bike – mountain bike skills clinic
30 Good Leaves – all meditation styles welcome
Rigazzi Mobile Wellness – Vinyasa yoga sessions for all levels!
Tinkergarden – outdoor classes where kids learn by play
Ashlyn Kittrell Photography – guided photography walk & workshop